custom furniture manufacturing

from design to delivery and beyond

Our dedicated ELITON PROJECT team collaborates with architects, interior designers and contractors, in order to fully realize the woodwork part of their project. Read on and find out what sets our solution apart:


ELITON PROJECT  is a versatile subcontractor service, targeted towards architects and interior design professionals. ELITON PROJECT undertakes all types of customised furniture manufacturing projects, no matter how advanced or avant-guard the idea may seem.

N. Sotiropoulos & Sons S.A., the company behind ELITON PROJECT and the ELITON brand, has achieved to be known for the quality of its furniture for more than 35 years. Today, the company is a market leader. Owning one of the biggest factories in Greece, with advanced mechanical equipment and well-trained stuff, ELITON has the ability to produce furniture -even the most extraordinary designs-, always according to the customers’ needs.


ELITON PROJECT fully realizes your project on your behalf. We are by your side on every part of the process, from the planning phase to delivery and installation, as we undertake the entire project.


An expert design team will take over the design process of the project, reassuring for the best possible result. Our designers will collaborate with your team, review the specifications and guidelines of the project and build upon your vision.


Our manufacturing facility will actualize the design promptly, following the highest standards of quality. Our cutting edge equipment, well trained personnel and experience provide us with vast customisation abilities. We can deliver even the most
demanding projects, no matter how advanced or elaborate they may seem.


We cover the logistics aspect of the project: We co-ordinate the safe and timely delivery of your items, along with detailed installation instructions. Optionally, our well trained staff can handle the installation.


These few showcases demonstrate the dynamics, scope and diversity of ELITON PROJECT. They are realized either directly by us, or in collaboration with famous design and construction companies. In any case, the know-how, experience and creativity of the collaborating parts in combination with the customer’s needs and vision lead to the desiring outcome.


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